This weekend, I learned a great lesson in checking what you already have before buying more stuff. I was visiting my parents on Saturday and found an entire box of things which I’d essentially forgotten. Besides a humorous college t-shirt and my favorite stuffed bunny (from my adulthood, not my childhood), I found an entire spool of CDs.

What are CDs, you ask? They’re those round things we used to play music on–or deface because we didn’t want another 15 free days of AOL. And it just so happens that most of my old car CDs (I always make copies for the car for this reason) are scratched up and worn out. Plus I’ve got some new digital stuff that hasn’t ever been burned. The scratched tracks have been driving me to buy or acquire more writable CDs, but I’d held off ’till this weekend because my sister said I could have whatever I found in her room. Turns out I had them anyway. Good times.

I felt very grateful this week, when I read on Free Money Finance about someone with $265k in student loans. Micah’s less than half that and was for over twice as many years of education and spent responsibly.

The ladies from Pecuniarities are starting a frugal food column, so if you’re looking for recipes that don’t break the bank, check it out!

Patrick wrote a great article about resigning on good terms. At one job, I used my ample free time to create a resource packet for all the numbers, etc, that the job needed. I was told it was greatly appreciated.

Debt Kid shared a funny story of how his girlfriend saved him from a huge ticket.

Gather Little by Little told us why he doesn’t use credit cards.

Paid Twice is thinking about what they’ll do once they’re out of non-mortgage debt.

And, lastly, I found a WordPress theme that I’m planning to play around with–I thought readers might appreciate its name: Frugal Theme.

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Patrick May 5, 2009 at 1:11 pm

I hate it when I buy something I already had (unless it is a consumable item I will use later)!

Thanks for the mention! 🙂

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