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Better Blogging Articles from BlogCrafted

For a while, I got so busy in the actual consulting that I didn’t make the time to write anything for my blog on blogging at BlogCrafted. However a few recent events have inspired me to write articles which I hope will be helpful to those of you who not only find personal finance interesting reading but also blog about it (or something else).

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  • How to do a Thorough Backup of Your WordPress Blog. If you’re running your own WordPress blog and you’ve never done a backup, this article is a must-read. There’s too much you can lose and too many ways you can lose it. Check the post’s comments for a link to a plugin that may be helpful as well.
  • Reasons to Register Your Domain Away from Your Host. Except for free domains you get as part of the hosting package, it’s a good idea to keep your domain registration and hosting separate. This plus the backups means that no matter how bad your host’s meltdown, you should be able to restore your site elsewhere with less hassle.
  • When a Recently-Moved WordPress Blog Goes Blank. I ran into this one recently when moving a WordPress blog. Normally I login to the blog and setup the backup myself, but in this case I did everything straight from the databases and files and wasn’t able to check something before the move. But, on the bright side, it was easy to fix and I hope this article will help others who run into the same problem.
  • Tutorial: Adding Gravatars to Your Cutline Theme. If you’re running a version of Chris Pearson’s Cutline theme, and you’ve been wanting to add gravatars, this will show you exactly where the code should go. As a bonus, learn how to create a unique default gravatar for visitors or your site who don’t have gravatars (good for any theme).

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