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Happy Easter – Roundup

Happy Easter everyone! Today’s been lovely here in the DC area. A bit cold, perhaps, but sunny and full of blooming flowers.

Here are some posts I enjoyed from the last week:

Lynnae’s post asking readers to share good customer service experiences made me smile. I read the Consumerist fairly often and it was nice to see the other side.

Blunt Money suggested practicing for a drop in income. Do you know how little you can live on? If you’re thinking about making life changes that’ll affect your income, doing a dry run might be a good idea.

Dough Roller reviewed Debt Cures by Kevin Trudeau. I’d seen the book around and tend to distrust infomercials. Looks like my distrust was well-founded. The book may help you get out of debt, but it’s the same stuff you’ll hear elsewhere, plus chances to make you pay more!

Madoline at Pecuniarities gave pointers for saving money when dealing with authorities.

David at My Two Dollars addressed Suze Orman’s new take on debt. It makes some sense, given current economic troubles and the limited availability of credit. I think it fits with what Suze’s philosophy, even if the particulars have changed.

Gather Little by Little wrote about lowering your health insurance premiums. This may cost you in other ways, but I used some of these techniques when I was freelancing and ir paid off for me.

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Patrick April 12, 2009 at 10:51 pm

Love the new look! And Happy Easter. 🙂

Patrick’s last blog post: Roundup – Easter Edition

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