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Spend Less Than You Earn – the Musical eBook

Most of us know that the best way to get ahead financially is by spending less than we earn. That translates into spending less or earning more, or both. But even those are too general, which is why most PF blogs exist. We spend our time coming up with ways to save money (or to motivate ourselves to keep saving money), spend more efficiently, and earn more.

Jason at Live to Budget just asked a group of personal finance writers if he could put together some of their top articles for a free eBook. You can download it from his site (PDF) or get it here: [download#11#nohits]

Contributors are (in order of articles):

I strayed from the norm by including a couple of articles which I think everyone should read so they understand more about the financial systems we interact with on a daily basis. The first is about how credit card companies apply your payments. If you don’t know how payments are applied when you have introductory interest rates, special offers, etc, you may be paying more interest than you expect. The second is about ChexSystems. Some people think that only those with bad banking habits need to know about ChexSystems, but it can actually affect anyone if you make the right mistakes. And if you’ve never heard of it, then you need to read about it, unless you never plan to use a bank.

The book includes a wide variety of articles, and probably something that you’ll find useful. After all, these are some of our best. Again, you can download it here: [download#11#nohits]

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Jason Anderson December 10, 2008 at 5:25 pm

Thanks for taking part in this MM. I think the great advantage about getting lots of different people to contribute to something like this is that they’ll all contribute articles on different areas. No one else touched on the areas your articles covered, so it worked out well 🙂

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