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Money Saving Tips for the Holidays

Today, the M-Network is releasing a new free e-book: [download#7#nohits] (PDF).

The book is a compilation of tips and ideas from all 8 of us (Gather Little By Little, Paid Twice, Cash Money Life, Moolanomy, Being Frugal, Plonkee Money, My Two Dollars, and me). These articles are unique to the book and have never been published on any of our blogs!

You can download it here: [download#7#nohits]

As with our other e-books, this e-book is copyright M-Network; however you are allowed to distribute to anyone as long as the e-book is unmodified and free. Please feel free to distribute this e-book to anyone else that you think might benefit from reading it. Each of the articles is copyright to the respective authors and is not allowed to be distributed outside of this e-book without express permission of the author.

Special thanks to Gather Little By Little for assembling all of our ideas into this one book!

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