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New Frugal Hacks Post and Roundup

This Sunday, my Frugal Hacks post is on our experiences with good and bad generics. It’s a slightly-updated version of something I wrote a bit more than a year ago. Since only around a hundred people were subscribed to my blog back then, odds are you didn’t read it the first time around.

Also, I wrote a tutorial last week on using Fantastico to install WordPress. It’s really so simple that you don’t need a tutorial, but if you’re nervous because this is your first time, this shows you how it looks step-by-step.

Ron at the Wisdom Journal claims that money is 100% emotional. I agree. If it weren’t, then I wouldn’t have such a darn hard time with it. (Yes, I run a PF blog and still sometimes get worried/nervous/scared about money.)

We’ve all heard that you should “pay yourself first,” but Paid Twice has identified five concrete ways to do it.

Emily at Remodeling This Life has a great recipe for homemade pesto. I love homemade pesto, so I’ve giving this a try!

Frugal Dad asks his readers if the frugal movement is just a fad. I think it’s probably more popular right now than it will be when things get better, but I’ve known plenty of frugal people my whole life, so I think the movement has a backbone.

Four Pillars has amusing post on how notto sell your house. These people are probably going for a niche market, but if no one in that market is looking or interested, then they’re missing out on a broader market.

David at My Two Dollars is understandably upset that AIG will be paying bonuses to the “top” workers who got it into trouble in the first place.


Emily November 16, 2008 at 7:39 am

Great links, Mrs M! Thanks for including me!

Four Pillars November 16, 2008 at 6:38 pm

Thanks for the mention – glad you liked the post!


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