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New Frugal Hacks Post and Roundup

This Sunday, my Frugal Hacks post is on our experiences with good and bad generics. It’s a slightly-updated version of something I wrote a bit more than a year ago. Since only around a hundred people were subscribed to my blog back then, odds are you didn’t read it the first time around.

Also, I wrote a tutorial last week on using Fantastico to install WordPress. It’s really so simple that you don’t need a tutorial, but if you’re nervous because this is your first time, this shows you how it looks step-by-step.

Ron at the Wisdom Journal claims that money is 100% emotional. I agree. If it weren’t, then I wouldn’t have such a darn hard time with it. (Yes, I run a PF blog and still sometimes get worried/nervous/scared about money.)

We’ve all heard that you should “pay yourself first,” but Paid Twice has identified five concrete ways to do it.

Emily at Remodeling This Life has a great recipe for homemade pesto. I love homemade pesto, so I’ve giving this a try!

Frugal Dad asks his readers if the frugal movement is just a fad. I think it’s probably more popular right now than it will be when things get better, but I’ve known plenty of frugal people my whole life, so I think the movement has a backbone.

Four Pillars has amusing post on how notto sell your house. These people are probably going for a niche market, but if no one in that market is looking or interested, then they’re missing out on a broader market.

David at My Two Dollars is understandably upset that AIG will be paying bonuses to the “top” workers who got it into trouble in the first place.

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Emily November 16, 2008 at 7:39 am

Great links, Mrs M! Thanks for including me!

Four Pillars November 16, 2008 at 6:38 pm

Thanks for the mention – glad you liked the post!


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