And has moved! Downtime was only a little over an hour. If you’d like a blog transferred from one host to another or moved to another blogging platform, check out my blog consulting services!

Just a quick update post. After the Dreamhost fiasco earlier this month, I decided to switch my hosting to lunarpages. I migrated all my other sites (except the Finwikian) quite smoothly, but have held off on I wanted a really free day for it.

If it doesn’t take me too long to replace my stolen license, I should have a very open day Tuesday (today) and will therefore be moving it. I hope the actual migration will only take about half an hour, but as it involved DNS redirection, etc, I’m not exactly sure how long it the site will be down. I plan to be back and open for business on Wednesday. I’ll update this post with news of the progress.

As for the Finwikian, migrating a wiki is a challenge I’ve never run into before. I’ll be working on it after I move, but there may be some downtime if I only back it up before the hosting account closes and don’t actually migrate it until November.

Thanks for sticking around! 🙂

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