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Voter Registration and Discount Codes

I suppose I should have written this yesterday, but here goes anyway. Today (October 14th) is the last day to postmark your voter registration application in Maryland. That means that if you haven’t registered to vote, you need to do so before the end of the day.

Places which should have voter registration forms include:

  • Libraries
  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Post Offices

Whatever your political views are, this is an important election. If you don’t exercise your right and vote, then you’ll have to put up with what other people decide. If you do vote, on the other hand, you may make a difference (probably not your individual vote, but even 10 people who get up off their butts and vote could sway an election if it’s that close).

In other news, Overnight Prints is running a special until the 16th, 100 free business cards using this discount code CARDS08. You pay S&H but it’s still a good deal.

Overnight Prints allows you to upload your own design. These free business cards are single-sided only.

I had a good experience with Overnight Prints and I recommend them to bloggers who are realizing that their blog is as much a business as it is a hobby.

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