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What Your Neighbors Are Searching For

Yesterday over at HomeEc 101, Ivy answered some of the random search questions that bring people to their site. I get lots of search traffic looking for things which vary from normal to sad to scary. It’s kind of fun to check out recent keywords. And they can be valuable to your SEO. Here’s a smattering (complete with any typos):

mrs micah

Yep, that’s me! hi!

legitimate ways to hide money

I rank pretty highly for lots of phrases about hiding money after my series on hiding money from abusive partners. After all, I started the series because someone found my site for one of those phrases and I didn’t even write anything about them.

Let me make it clear that I never condone hiding money from a spouse when there is not abuse involved. In fact, one of the marks of abuse is keeping the other spouse from having access to the couple’s money or other similar freedoms. I don’t care if she’s lazy, you earn it all, whatever. You need counseling, not more marital problems (yes, hiding money from a spouse is a marital problem). That’s not what my posts are about.

On the other hand, if the situation is physically, mentally, emotionally, fiscally, or in any other way abusive, then I believe it’s ok to escape and to stash money for doing so.

What happens if you bank is not FDIC insured

I wrote about FDIC protection here. You shouldn’t bank with a bank that’s not FDIC insured. Since most banks are FDIC insured, there’s no real reason to go elsewhere. If they’re not FDIC insured and they offer you great interest rates, run the other way. Fast.

I get a lot of other searches having to do with whether or how the FDIC takes over banks.

poke hole in condom success story

Don’t make me reach through the screen and slap you! Fortunately, all this searcher found was me talking about a broken condom incident and birth control backups. If you’re wondering if it’ll lead to a good thing, the answer is NO. Never knowingly conceive a child without your partner’s consent (accidentally is an accident, of course). It seems to me that some people don’t comprehend what a huge decision that is. And never compromise another person’s birth control.

bridesmaids’ dresses not ugly

Yeah, I know. There are a lot of bad dresses out there. Some of my friends went the real dress route (sundresses, etc) and that was lovely.

temp services advertise jobs they don’t have

Sorry to hear that. There are certainly bad temp agencies out there. For starters, don’t pay them.

dave ramsay

Apparently I rank pretty well for this misspelling. Who knew?

There you go. I should start keeping track of some of my stranger searches because there have been some wild ones. This is just a pretty typical week around here. Plus a lot more completely normal, logical searches.

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Frugal Vet Tech September 17, 2008 at 10:44 pm

I love seeing what phrases people type in to get to my blog! Most of them make sense but some of them just don’t… Thanks for sharing some of yours.

As a side note, I worked with a kid who existed because one of his parents thought it would be fun to poke a hole in the condom…

guinness416 September 18, 2008 at 7:13 pm

Interesting! Personally I get a LOT of searches centring around drinking guinness while pregnant, breastfeeding or otherwise spawning. Apparently there are a lot of wives tales floating around.

Cath Lawson September 19, 2008 at 12:13 am

Hi Mrs M – I love to see what weird and wonderful searches folk are getting. That poking a hole in the condom one is just too scary.

I’m getting heaps of searches this month for “sex on a plane” And I’ve never even done it.

Funny about Money September 21, 2008 at 9:05 am

Isn’t it strange the posts that come up a lot in random searches? Mine on conditioning your hair with olive oil STILL keeps surfacing near the top. Apparently a lot of people want to know if olive oil does anything for your hair, and if so, how to make it work. Weirdly, they’re not interested in the bit about using lemon juice and vinegar to bring out the blonde and red (respectively) highlights in hair. I crassly wrote up those folk beauty tips, figuring if they like olive oil, they’ll like the rest of the vinaigrette…wrong!

hank September 21, 2008 at 9:14 pm

I occasionally like digging in to see what types of folks I’m wrangling in and only being able to look at about the first 15,000 searches in Google Analytics, I don’t see anything that off topic on my searches… Yea, the condom breaking one, good grief people, eh? 🙂

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