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PF Roundup — Hurricane vs. Job Edition

Hurricane, then tropical storm, then I suppose tropical depression (is that the next step?) Hanna swept up the East Coast this weekend. As someone who a) lives in DC and b) works two different places on Saturday, I found this a problem. Do I go to work? Do I stay home?

I’ve only taken one sick day from each job in the last 9-10 months, so I certainly have a great track record for showing up. On the other hand, if I didn’t go to the hospital it was possible that a Deaf baby could slip through the cracks for a while. And our library is always stretched thin, especially on weekends, so not showing up would create a lot of stress for my coworkers.

But in neither case would missing work get me fired, nor would it be worthwhile to put myself at risk. I finally came up with a game plan–I’d check the weather early Saturday morning and see whether it would be bad here at the times when I needed to drive. I was almost disappointed that the first arm of the storm went over us in the night and the other arm (more of a fuzzy body by that point) hit hardest while I was still at the library. It might have been nice to have a Saturday off.

In the end, I’m safe and sound without letting down either of my responsibilities. Good.

And now, for some excellent posts on personal finance and the like, collected over the last week.

Paid Twice reminds us that infomercials won’t get you out of debt. I’ve seen the infomercial she’s talking about and had a very similar reaction.

Credit Withdrawal has discovered that credit card companies judge us as much on our lifestyle as anything. How you spend affects their view of your riskiness.

Since various people e-mail me asking how one can make money blogging, I’m including this article by Dough Roller. He lists 50 ways to do it, but don’t try them all at once!

Fabulously Broke draws important lessons from the story of how she left her job. Great read for those considering a career change.

And I am very impressed by how nice Emily made her daughter’s room look and how frugal the whole thing was. Her entire home renovation project has been a real inspiration.


Emily September 7, 2008 at 10:35 am

Aw, thanks for the link love, Mrs Micah!

I hope you aren’t too wet from the storm!!

Glblguy September 7, 2008 at 8:25 pm

While Hannah came close, I was more worried about Ike, but looks like it’s going in to the Gulf.

I was really impressed with the room Emily did as well, and gave it a big thumbs up to encourage and show others what can be done with just a little.

Dad September 7, 2008 at 11:24 pm

Glad you made out OK on Saturday.

If you read the article on credit companies carefully, she draws a distinction that is important. a) Spending a lot on one day beyond your normal spending practice is a real sign of possible fraud. Card thieves spend like made before the card get closed. b) Noticing that your spending has increased a lot may show signs of risk that you are spending more than you can pay back. Credit card companies have monitored that for years. They’re not looking at what you spend on so much as the total amount you spend. c) Analyzing what you are spending on is a new concept to me. Apparently it is somewhat new to the regulators too. That seems like an invasion of privacy to me. I hope it doesn’t catch on. Apparently if they disclose the practice it is not illegal.

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