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Father’s Day Tribute Roundup

Well, yesterday was all about how I have no clue what to give my Dad. One thing I can give him is a blog post in his honor!

I’m grateful to my dad for a lot of things. For putting his family as a priority and making it home to dinner almost every night when I was growing up. We knew we could count on him to show up, even if he had to leave an hour or two later to go back to work for the evening (fortunately, during my teen years his office was 5-10 minutes away).

For being supporting of me and my sister as we pursued completely different extra-curricular activities. Being a dad who could get just as excited about a ballet company as a soccer team.

For helping us with our school, encouraging us, and teaching us science (homeschooled). Despite all that complaining and grumping, I learned a lot and I developed some really good habits (like not doing all my math in my head).

For not freaking out when I brought home a man 5 years older than me.

For paying the difference between my scholarships/inheritance and the costs of college. And for congratulating me frequently on my grades and activities. And for not pressuring me to go into any particular major or field.

For handling the situation well when your wife got cancer again, your daughter became suicidal, and your world was probably crumbling at the edges. And then you got sick too. For letting me tell you that I was in therapy.

For instilling some good financial principles like only buying things when I had the cash for them and saving up for what I want.

There’s so much that I’ll always be grateful for. Especially that you’re my dad, because I don’t think anyone else would have been nearly as good.

I bring you all some posts about Father’s day which caught my eye this last week. Depending on how much time I have today (since I have to work and can’t go up to see my dad until next weekend), I may add some stories that people are posting as of today.

  • Debt Hater tackles Father’s day e-cards and asks whether you think they’re tacky or touching. I prefer to give people cards I make myself, even if they’re not very good. But when it comes to e-cards vs. store cards both will probably end up in the trash eventually. Unless I find a really good store card I might just send an e-card (or better, an e-mail…which is better than a real card).
  • Single Guy has what’s probably an unintentionally hilarious list of ideas. What’s amusing me is the “Is Dad looking for a mate?” If you give your dad a dating site membership for Father’s day and he ends up meeting someone special then I suppose it really is the best present ever. But I can’t help finding it funny too.
  • Saving Diva is taking her dad on a date. Sounds like a great idea…I’m sure he’ll appreciate it more than some random thing (since she can’t find anything she thinks he’ll want).
  • Kyle has come up with a list of both conventional and unconventional ideas, which he posted on Being Frugal. Plus coupons. My favorite unconventional idea is the gas card. I’m sure a lot of dads would appreciate that.
  • I’m all with Dough Roller about these 10 Fun and Frugal Father’s day presents. Except maybe the silver coin. Some of these are particularly good for young kids. I think many dads would rather get a hand-drawn card or “Daddy coupon” book from their kids than a tie. Unless it was that awesome money tie we once gave my dad. And possibly one with pink polka dots? I don’t remember if that one made it out of the store.


Vered June 15, 2008 at 3:18 pm

This was beautiful.

I can relate: I am grateful to my dad too. 🙂

Happy Father’s Day.

Greener Pastures June 15, 2008 at 7:38 pm

Your Dad sounds like a pretty great guy. I’m sure that post is the best present you could ever give him!


Dad June 15, 2008 at 9:58 pm

That was very thoughtful and very nice. Thank you! BTW, I really liked the money tie, it was a real hit at work!

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