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Voiceless Roundup 06-08-08

My voice has been coming and going in the last few days. Something strange has been going on—I’ll go to the library fine, come home fine, and within 2 hours I’m losing my voice. It doesn’t happen on days I stay home. Despite that, I had a thoroughly good time with a friend from college last night. We’ll see how it goes today at the library, since the voicelessness is still here.

Malaysia got hit overnight with a 41% increase in the cost of fuel. It’s similar to what’s been going on here in the States. Yet such a sudden increase is likely to cause more turmoil.

College grads are finding their ways in the world. It’s been less than a month since most graduations and many are scrambling with wedding plans, job hunting, etc. Madison shares ten financial tips for recent grads.

SingleMa is worried that Baby Girl has caught a fever. The keepin’ up with the Jonses fever. At least she’s been setting a good example so far!

In wedding season, being a frugal bride means being flexible. The wedding is a wonderful, fun, beautiful thing. But it’s also the beginning of the marriage, not an end in itself.

Don’t forget to check out all the great M-Network vacation guide posts. Pinyo was kind enough to put together a comprehensive post.

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My Dollar Plan June 8, 2008 at 2:49 pm

I wonder if the air at the library is different? Maybe much less humidity in it? Just a shot in the dark! Thanks for the mention.

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