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Sunday Morning Middle Class and Hugh Jackman Roundup

This has been a pretty good week. I’ve had fun writing on the blog, read some good books, got some random apartment projects done, got a new iPod for free because of the sign-up bonuses, and I finished the top of a preemie quilt I’m working on (not that hard, but still a success). Still working on the nonresident state returns. I don’t like them.

A number of people have responded to my post asking what’s wrong with being middle class. Some mentioned their thoughts in roundups, but here are the two full-post responses:

Lazy Man shared his thoughts on the middle class and how time is a more valuable commodity than money is.

Jesse at A Penny Saved believes that settling for middle class is cowardly. I agree and disagree depending on what we’re talking about. On the one hand, yes, simple settling for a comfortable lifestyle because you’re afraid of pursuing your dreams isn’t a recipe for a fulfilled life. But if your dreams have nothing to do with financial and professional success, then I think it’s ok to settle for a less high-powered position so that you can at least pursue them in your free time.

And then, some great posts from the M-Network this week:

PaidTwice, goddess of snowflaking, explains how she got started snowflaking. It was so simple, what made it stick was how well she presented it on her blog.

Lynnae found her emergency fund very useful when she and her husband were hit with an unexpected inheritance tax (the money itself is in an annuity and thus hard to access).

Patrick discovered that you can pay your taxes online…but you have to pay for the privilege. It’s not really surprising, I wouldn’t expect the Federal government to foot the 3% the companies charge per transaction.

Single Guy Money has a list of most reliable used cars for us. My family always bought used so we wouldn’t pay the stupid tax by losing money just driving it off the lot.

Plonkee reminds us that stupidity can cost us our dreams. Late fees, extra trips to the store, etc add up.

Gibble shares 10 things not to do in an interview, he’s had a lot of experience. It’s somewhere between sad and hilarious. Don’t miss the comments section!

For those trying to learn more about investing, check out Pinyo’s explanation of the Efficient Market Hypothesis.

David shares a great-looking resource, hundreds of free and downloadable legal forms.

While I didn’t write about this because I wasn’t associated with the Lending Club, there’s been some big news from them this week. Dough Roller shares the news and gives his take on it. Either it’ll destroy them or they’ll come out with something quite soon to revitalize the site.

And I figured out how to add video to my iPod (turns out to be a video one). My first video was Hugh Jackman’s splendid performance at the Tonys (from YouTube). He’s so happy and silly that it cheers me up. I should post later on some tech stuff I’ve found to help get stuff on my iPod. 🙂

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Patrick April 13, 2008 at 3:59 pm

Enjoy your iPod, and thanks for the mention!

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