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Friday Roundup — Housecleaning Edition

Happy Friday! I’m going to be doing some housecleaning today, making chicken curry, and working (of course). And trying to rest up from this week.

One of the items I listed yesterday already sold, so I’ll be going to the post office. It’s encouraging. I’ll be looking into a couple other options people mentioned, like Craigslist and swapping for the others.

Here’s some posts I enjoyed this week:

Randall at Credit Withdrawal has come up with some suggestions for beating Ninja Bills (a term coined by RacerX). When unexpected bills sneak up on you, it helps to have a game plan.

Paula of Queercents asks whether a healthcare plan with an HSA is good for you. It can be good if you’re going to spend when necessary. But if you are so concerned with not spending money that you don’t go to the doctor, it’s not the right plan for you.

For Brits, plonkee translates US financial speak for people in the UK. Since the majority of my readers are yanks, I tend not to translate things.

I totally forgot to enter the Carnival of Personal Finance last week before it was too late (working on the Carnival of Money Stories). But I did enter the Festival of Frugality at Lazy Man. Here are a few other good posts from that edition….I decided to go with a couple of the grocery shopping tips. After all, we all have to eat!

First, we have grocery shopping tips from Kris at Cheap Healthy Good. Some important ones there too like finding your keys. Sounds a lot like me.

Then Frugal Dad has 20 more money-saving tips for the grocery store. If you feel uncomfortable signing up for customer money saving programs with your real name, try something fun like Dreadpi Rateroberts (Dread Pirate Roberts). Or something else.


Randall at CreditWithdrawal February 15, 2008 at 12:14 pm

Wow, that was a quick link, I don’t think the ink was even dry on that article 🙂

Thanks, glad you liked the article.

Frugal Dad February 15, 2008 at 1:13 pm

Thanks so much for the mention. I hope you found the tips helpful. I enjoyed all the articles in this week’s roundup – especially Randall’s thoughts on “Ninja Bills.” I always get wiped out by these things – like my kids yearbook money is due, or some unscheduled trip to the orthodontist, etc., etc. Maybe now I’ll be able to fight off these ninjas!

Kris February 16, 2008 at 1:16 am

Thanks for the mention, Mrs. Micah!

RacerX February 16, 2008 at 4:17 am

Thanks for the mention as well! In my latest post I mention that neat people like you are a great reason to visit the library!

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