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Appraisal of Comment Policy

Not big news, just a little blog business. My comment policy has pretty much always been “Say what you want, I’m allowed to delete it or quote it or do whatever I want with it if I feel like it.” And it still is. If you ever feel uncomfortable about a comment, you can always ask me to delete it and I probably will.

Anonymous comments are fine, of course, but if you’re posting under two names on my blog, I may edit them to all include your most well-known alias and include a link to your blog. I can tell if it’s you because I get two commenters who have the same IP address over and over again, I catch on. If you want to say something critical, do it under your real name. If you think it’ll make you look bad you should be thinking of Thumper’s mom. 🙂

Oh, and sometimes comments are held for moderation for whatever reason, so if it disappears I probably have it, but if you post it again I’ll sort it out by deleting a duplicate so no worries there either. When I approve it depends on how soon I’ll be online. It can be momentarily or take 8 hours. I’ve tried to make the moderation rules loose enough without letting spam through…it’s a tough balance.

Just a little blog maintenance. Happy Friday everyone!


RacerX January 25, 2008 at 5:07 pm

i agree with mine as well. I won’t kill negative comments but personal attacks or cyber-bullying would be dumped.

PiggyBankBlues January 25, 2008 at 5:48 pm

it hasn’t happened on my site yet, but i’m sometimes taken aback at what i read on other blogs. your policy seems more than fair enough. i don’t get why people would want to blog bully in the first place…

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