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Firefox Plugin for Stopping Pay Per Play and other automatic sound/video stuff

Remember how I posted about those new ads which will automatically play whenever you visit a site that has ’em? And remember how you hated the idea?

Well I’ve finally managed to get my Firefox virus free by completely deleting and reinstalling it (harder than you’d think!) and so I’m back to using it instead of Mozilla. I went through the Add-ons and found something which should stop automatic sound/video stuff. You can still play it if you want to, it shows you somewhere to click.

I’ve tried it out and it seems to work. It even blocks certain ads which I don’t remember being videos. Seems to be mostly the top banners. It’s fine with my sidebar. So you get some additional ad blockage out of it as a bonus.

Plus, when I visit YouTube with this plugin, things don’t automatically play. They load with a little “play” arrow on them and I can choose. Sites with automatic sound features will have a little red box with a play option in it in case you want to listen after all. So you’ll know the sound is there, but you won’t be assaulted by it.

This is particularly handy if you want to click-through to a YouTube video without watching it right away. Or if you accidentally reload all tabs and have the videos restart.

Or if you’re just not a fan of internet sound ads. *shudder* Now you don’t have to worry about them. Not that you would on my site anyway. I’d advise giving it a try.


Amanda @ Me vs Debt January 24, 2008 at 4:11 pm

Good find!

Dad January 25, 2008 at 12:05 am

Great addon. I’ve added it already. Thanks!

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