Home with the folks, but I have a couple stories to share. The second comes from RacerX at Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Money and I mention it first because it reminded me of the first story.

First story:

Last month, at my old job, I got a fascinating kind of spam. It was fax spam and “misaddressed.”

It was a printout of some fact sheet (read, sales flyer) about a stock with a note on it written from “Pam” to “Janet” about how she’d just gotten a tip from a guy who worked at the company and whatnot. It was supposed to look like the fax got missent and we were lucky enough to receive it. Clever trick. And faxes have the advantage over e-mail because you can include handwritten notes…and somebody has to check the machine.

Perhaps these people were also hoping that admin assistants like me wouldn’t be too quick on the uptake and invest in the stocks. I think it was one of those classic penny stock things…where they inflate the price by creating a demand and then sell out, leaving everyone with useless stocks.

Second story:

RacerX tells the story of a boss who thought gambling was a complete waste of money, but who would jump at any hot stock tip. So Racer and a coworker came up with a little scenario to demonstrate how the boss was much more of a gambler than he thought himself. Click here to find out what they thought up!

And thanks!

Oh, and thanks to all my new subscribers. The numbers have been jumping, I guess you all want Santa to reward your good karma! 😉 Haven’t yet subscribed? Well avoid coal this Christmas and head on over to Mrs. Micah’s feed. (For those just learning about RSS, I refer you to an excellent post on it by Paid Twice.)

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RacerX December 23, 2007 at 3:24 pm

Thanks for the Call out Mrs. M!. Very kind Christmas gift 🙂

Fiscal Musings December 24, 2007 at 2:05 pm

I’ve never understood why people would put a bunch of money into something without understanding it. How often do we research large electronics purchases and the like, but we’ll buy stocks on a whim?

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