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Stay Tuned: Next Week Mrs. Micah hosts “Make it From Scratch”

I’m very excited to say that Mrs. Micah will be hosting its first carnival one week from today (December 18th): Make it from Scratch!

MIFS is about just that–making things from scratch. I love to submit recipes, but you can put in anything you think meets the description:

Some ideas:

  • Crafts ideas.
  • How to put together a financial spreadsheet and whatnot.
  • Homemade gift ideas.
  • Frugal things to make around the house.
  • Etc.

Its got pretty loose guidelines.

This week’s MIFS was hosted by Summer’s Nook. I submitted the recipe for fabulous chicken curry.

Some other good submissions include:

A rice heating pad by HowToMe.

Soft kimono shoes for a baby by Brighthaven Times (I bet they could be made bigger too).

Making a recycled bag by My Recycled Bags (probably best for people with crocheting experience).

And some yummy sugar cookies from the ringpop bride!

If you want to submit, here’s the handy link at blogcarnival. Please do, we can make this frugal, fun, and from scratch! 🙂


Becca December 12, 2007 at 7:40 am

I think all you would need to do to make the shoes larger is enlarge the pattern. Such a simple thing. As well, just looking at the pattern, it should be easy to alter for different styles. Thanks for mentioning me!

Money Blue Book December 12, 2007 at 11:07 am

Would you know how to knit something like a cashmere scarf or cap? I’d bet you could really market and sell something like that. Cashmere is usually very expensive.

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