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An Opportunity for Earning a Little Extra Cash

I’ve been doing some site reviews through It’s like taking paid surveys but it pays a bit more. You use recording technology on your computer to capture your site navigation (they provide it) and review the site while recording comments on your phone. Then you write a review answering four short questions.

How much work there is depends on the how many reviews they’re doing, which ones are relevant for you, and how well you do the test review (if you can’t provide good feedback, you won’t get any jobs).

You earn $10 per site tested. I think it’s a pretty good rate, since you only need to record 5-10 minutes of comments and then write up answers to the 4 standard questions. It takes half an hour or less total. So it’s a pretty decent hourly rate–especially if you’re a fast thinker and typer.

So far I’ve received $50 and made a bit more (you get paid by PayPal about a week after the test).

I’ve made some exciting discoveries while reviewing sites. I don’t know if I should say who, but there was a good Meta blogging site that I’ve used for some resources. Or a site that can help me plan tours and another than can help me organize events (these are two new ones that aren’t really live yet).

It’s been pretty cool. The most important thing is timing it right so that I don’t use up my cell plan minutes. I prefer to do the jobs after 9 or on weekends, but I’ve occasionally done them in Peak time because we don’t use up our minutes anyway.

I waited until I was paid to write about this. From what I can tell, User Testing is on the up-and-up. I did the work and they paid me.

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m December 7, 2007 at 11:28 pm

Mrs. Micah,

Do you have to use a cell phone (like for texting your responses or something) or can you just use a regular phone too?

The rate sounds really good, if you can do two per hour, that isn’t bad at all, I think. The survey sites I found all paid such a low hourly wage, but this seems good.

The problem for us is we don’t get cell reception in our home so I don’t know if this would work for us if a cell phone is required.

Thanks for writing about this though. I love hearing about ways to make some extra income.

CatherineL December 8, 2007 at 5:10 am

That is not a bad hourly rate at all in comparison to some of the opportunities available on the internet.

Do you get any say in how much work they send you, or is it just a case of as and when?

mrsmicah December 8, 2007 at 8:55 am

m, you don’t need a cell phone–I just don’t have a landline. But it’s a simple phone call (long distance), you enter the number, you talk. 🙂 I don’t have a texting plan, either.

Catherine, not really. I can decline work, but that’s it. So sometimes I won’t hear a peep for a couple days and then I’ll do two.

Fabulously Broke December 8, 2007 at 1:50 pm

Sounds good.. but is it only open for Americans? 🙁

Erin December 8, 2007 at 2:06 pm

Thank-you! I’m going to give it a try. Any tips or suggestions when you do the initial application and phone review of a sample site? I don’t want to goof it up.

her every cent count December 8, 2007 at 5:19 pm

Thanks for the information. I’m going to have to try this out. I’m always looking for a way to make some extra cash.

fluorophore December 8, 2007 at 6:44 pm

Cool! Sounds like a fun way to get some nice cash! You’re so creative!

mrsmicah December 8, 2007 at 8:07 pm

FB, I think as long as you can call the American phone number, you’re ok. I don’t know what that’d be like on your phone plan–if it’d be worth it.

Erin, I’d suggest you visit the site first and be very talkative. It’s good for people like me who enjoy thinking out loud. Talk about where you’re clicking, what you like, why you like it, what you think is confusing…

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