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Weekend roundup and a lil’ link love

(I got the link love phrase from paidtwice–so check her out and see who she’s lovin’ this week!)

I didn’t do the Festival of Frugality this week, but I did participate in the Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted at Million Dollar Journey. 89 submissions–I didn’t read them all, but there was a lot of good stuff!

I submitted the inspiration and opportunity post which you’re probably familiar with by now.

Here’s a couple other good posts which I ran across there:

Vixen on a Budget compares her friend’s finances to her own and considers the possible causes. It’s rather sad, because I’ve known people like her friend and things are not likely to turn out well for them unless they make some changes.

Sometimes the simplest advice is the best. And Personal Financier tells us the top investing mistakes to avoid. Personal finance is mostly common sense. Doing it’s the hard part. 😉

And then here are a couple of excellent posts I ran across near the end of this week:

Redomestication lists the 8 things to do before quitting the day job. As someone who’s sort-of quitting the day job, I read and reread this list. It’s good stuff. It also inspired me to start an account at–not for finding an assistant, but for being one. I was a research assistant for 3 years in college, so I totally have experience.

John at Queercents ponders buying discount gifts as a part of their WWYD series. I say, if it’s what they wanted then get it on sale. A person shouldn’t want to have $50 spent on them. If they’re that concerned with money, they should ask for cash. Otherwise, if it’s the book they wanted, what does it matter that you used a coupon or found it for 30% off? Or 70% off?

Happy Saburday! Hopefully I’m doing something productive right now (or sleeping perhaps), since I’m writing this on Friday night. (I have discovered the wonderful feature of setting up posts ahead of time. I’m free!!!!! I’m also embarrassed that it took me this long…)

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