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Blog moving weekend

So the big weekend has arrived. My blog’s 3rd month birthday is in 5 days and tonight I’m moving my blog over to Dreamhost, if possible. So be prepared for glitches, weird transitions, frustrations, and possible tears. Or something. You won’t have to deal with the tears or frustrations, though, because you don’t live with me. Except you, Micah.

This is very exciting for me, but also scary. Wish me luck! 🙂

(Not only do I have a backup copy of my blog, I created a whole backup blog today!)

Edit: Any site wizards want to help me out with the transition? I have a few questions about pointing domains and such. If you’re willing to answer a few frantic questions this weekend, please comment or e-mail me at username: mrsmicah via the google e-mail service.

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