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Self-actualizing Sunday (or weekend, but the other is alliterative)

Today I took some good steps towards my goals.

First, I handed over the turkey costume to my coworker who commissioned it. I now consider that $50 to be mine, fair and square (especially since she liked it!).

I actually went coat-shopping with it, to see if I could find a ready-made coat at some thrift places but so far no luck. Looks like I’ll be making it after all.

Second, I went to the library and checked out books on curtain-making. I know the basics of curtains, but I wanted the books for two reasons. One is to show prospective customers all the different options. The other is to brush up on the details.

I got lots and lots of books. I’m going to pare them down, but I want to browse through each one, to get the best selection. If I make enough money doing this, I might buy a few (used, of course).

I’ve also written the Craigslist ad, which I’m going to put up in early November (I’ll post the final copy on here too!). That’ll be part of November’s goals.

Third, I’ve written a lot of pieces for Associated Content this weekend. I marked them all as non-exclusive so I can publish them again elsewhere if I want. I also submitted most of them for up-front payment and hope to pull in more money from this. (I also submitted on a number of topics, to broaden my readership, if possible.) Some people spam the site, but I’m trying to submit only good pieces.

Fourth, I started a pitch for a magazine with which I have a relationship. I sent it to Mr. Micah to look over when he gets a chance. This makes me nervous, but my goal next month is to pitch an article. However, they called for content and I’m not passing it up (if possible). They should be deciding in November, so I’ll keep you all posted. 🙂

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