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Afternoon Brain Snack: Would you compete?

Would you compete in the Olympics if you risked serious health damage? From today’s Washington Post:

BEIJING — In summer, a gray industrial haze coats this city of more than 15 million, descending over the Great Wall, sticking to humid hillsides and obscuring skyscrapers. Soaring temperatures and a lack of wind conspire with gunk-spewing traffic to foul the air.

                                   Bikers wait at a light in Beijing last month as smog shrouds buildings a block away. Environmentalists and experts fear the city will be unfit to host next year's Olympics.   

The pollution is so bad many visitors arewondering how Olympic athletes will be affected and how this city can possibly be ready to host them in less than 10 months.

Maybe visiting wouldn’t be so bad for a day or two. But running in high temperatures and doing lots of deep breathing? Tough choice for athletes. The Olympics is the Olympics after all. You spend your whole life trying to get to it. In this case, though, I could see some people declining to compete.

Interesting followup to Blog Action Day.

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Mr. Micah October 16, 2007 at 5:49 pm

I want to see some “gunk-spewing traffic.” It must look cool.

Another helpful comment from . . .

Mr. Micah

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