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Afternoon brain snack: Thousands march on DC? (via the Onion)

Thousands marched on Washington last week for “A Little Fresh Air, Exercise.” Brothers and sisters, I was part of that march. I was not only marching for fresh air and exercise, but also for a reader card at the Library of Congress.

After a brief sit-in, I filled out a couple of computer and paper forms. I was then briefly imprisoned and questioned about my residence, name changes, etc, and then photographed. Just when I thought I was going on a one-way flight to Gitmo, the librarians handed me a card and told me to use it wisely. Yes, my civil disobedience and the fortitude with which I went through their trials paid off.

[ok, it took maybe 10 minutes, they were great!]

WASHINGTON, DC-In an inspiring display of mobility, thousands of Americans from every walk of life swarmed the nation’s capital Sunday to protest having to spend another minute cooped up in the house.

Enlarge Image Thousands March On Washington For A Little Fresh Air, Exercise

The event, which marks the 40th consecutive weekend march around Washington this year, was documented by nearly all in attendance with the help of digital cameras, but went largely unreported by mainstream media. According to official estimates by the D.C. Chamber of Commerce, more than 20,000 citizens descended upon the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Air and Space Museum, and the city’s trendy Georgetown neighborhood on a day many said they would forever remember as being in the mid-70s with a nice southeasterly breeze.

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Normally I wouldn’t include this, but I was actually there so what the heck. If you want a more substantial post, either scroll down or click here for my Blog Action Day post.

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