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Mrs. Micah’s very very busy day–with lots of achievements!

So, this is my first post actually written at WordPress. Whee! 🙂

Transferring a blog over isn’t actually that hard. Well, transferring the posts isn’t. Just get a blog, go to Options, Import, and do what it tells you to. However, transferring widgets (esp. since WordPress doesn’t run JavaScript) is a bit harder. But I got it all done. Then transferred feed information, sitemeter, blogroll…all kinds of stuff. Plus I have a new gmail account for “MrsMicah.”

But blogging hasn’t been my only achievement today. You are reading the blog of a proud Library of Congress reading pass holder! That came out somewhat awkwardly. I can get into the reading rooms at the Library of Congress. Yay! The people who helped us fill out forms and such were really nice and helpful. We still need to figure out how to use the library itself, but they have classes for that. I’m also looking for some kind of online tutorial.

We went to Wachovia and they added Mr. Micah as a full member of the checking account–not secondary or anything. So that step’s taken care of!

We did some miscellaneous things like going to our local library to pick up a hold and buying a twinset for me with a birthday gift card to Target. The twinset is light blue and really nice. There’s so many options for wearing it. I think it’ll improve my wardrobe.

Mrs. Micah is very tired but also feeling very happy and fulfilled and in love with Mr. Micah. It’s been a good day all around.

(note, I’m hoping to buy my own domain on here once I’ve earned $15 through Associated Content. That’s either 1 or 2 more essays published for money. It’ll be a nice way to celebrate to goal of earning $20. Most months, I plan to be more practical with it, but I’ve been thinking about this for a while and it’s all coming together!)

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