Today’s been very busy at work and with the new internet restriction (and a busy night ahead of me), I’ll just be posting a roundup.

Shout-out to Blunt Money for hosting today’s Carnival of Personal Finance #119! Be sure to check it out. My last post, about giving, saving, and paying off debt, was one of the many it featured.

Here are some of my favorite (and new-to-me) posts from the carnival, in no particular order:

Money Mythos describes and reviews the features of I’ve been interested in Mint since I first heard about it; this was the first post I’ve read which explains what it offers and how well it delivers. I hope to try it out this week.

The Happy Rock points out that if you’re making payments, you don’t own the car. Good reminder, though I think technically you own part of the car-however much you’ve paid off.

Christian PF shows us a great way to budget with ING Direct. I’ve been thinking about transferring my savings over there (to avoid a miserable rate I was getting at my old bank and for the convenience of their system) and this post gives some good reasons to do so.

Calgirl explains how she put all of her 18% raise to good use. I’m feeling very jealous of the raise, but she should certainly be applauded for her money management skills!

Gather Little-by-Little points out the value (in $$) of waiting to buy.

The Finance Buff discovers the best checking account-which isn’t really a checking account after all.

If I posted any more, my page would start to look like Blunt Money’s and I don’t want to steal the thunder. So go read, read, read!

Postscript: To those who read about our experience with the angry “official” this weekend, I have a funny follow-up. This morning I was telling Bobbie about it and she said, “What? X road?” “Yep.” “But…that’s the dump!” That’s right. The guy who got so angry when we decided to turn around and go away from his “secure facility” was actually doing security for the dump! That would explain why the unofficial looking young men in the truck behind us (with random crap in the bed) got in so easily.


Anonymous September 25, 2007 at 6:05 am

Good information. Thanks. I am working on my debt but, Christmas and other holidays are coming up. They tend to break the bank ha ha Annette Pleae have a nice week!!!

Hilda September 25, 2007 at 2:28 pm

MrsMicah, I’m ROLF about the security guard fiasco. His attitude was so appropriate…for the dumps!

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