This is mostly an accomplishments post–but it doesn’t include our biggest one. We don’t plan to spend any money today. None. We did use a little gas, but no metro cards, no purchases, nothing. Tomorrow we’re going to use some free movie passes we got. I’d say that would save money, but we wouldn’t go if we didn’t have them.

—Today’s accomplishments—

First: Helped keep Mr. Micah from getting in trouble!

Mr. Micah and I were planning to take advantage of his school’s gym. As a doctoral student, he has access. We were going to play badmiton (the racquets and birdies were a wedding present). Exercise is a great mood enhancer and it’s also part of our trying to be healthier.

Unfortunately, the parking lot was full, so we drove around looking for another place to park. Which is where we ran into the man I posted about below. Since he didn’t identify himself, we assumed that he had something to do with the overflow parking. It wasn’t until he got really close and was hitting the car that I saw he had “United States Government” written on his lanyard. We couldn’t see what the ID said, we’d assumed it was a university one since all staff have to wear one. So then Mr. Micah finally opened his window and talked to this guy (he’d been making a 3-point turn), asked who the guy was (“This is MY road,” he said…helpful fellow), showed him his ID, whatnot. The guy was furious. It’s not like the road was marked or anything. Nothing. Ordinary road and suddenly this guy walks right in front of us and starts yelling.

Yes. Anyway, once we’d gotten out of that situation–I had to be the apologetic one, since Mr. Micah was furious that the guy hadn’t identified himself and yet expected us to listen to him–I didn’t have any emotional energy left. All the adrenaline gave way to some tears.

Two: Cheered self and Mr. Micah up afterwards

I found several things back at the apartment which helped improve my mood. First, I cried with my teddy bear.

Then I talked about it a bit with Mr. Micah. Then I posted an angry rant on here (helped me express my frustration at feeling powerless).

Next, Mr. Micah and I finished watching the 2nd season of Angel. We’re fans. Having those episodes around was particularly nice, but we could have also just popped in one of our favorite comedies or listened to our Mitch Hedberg CD.

While we did that, I worked on the little quilt I’m making for the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative.

Third: (earlier this morning) Graded half of Mr. Micah’s tests

He made me an answer key and I graded, occasionally asking if some answer might be correct. I also noted down which questions students got wrong on a chart. A number of them missed two questions, so he might make those extra credit.

Students didn’t do too well. Ok, but not too well. The highest score was an 88. But it’ll be bumped to the 90s after he curves it. He’s only curving a little…but apparently the distribution works perfectly so it should be fair. No outliers.

There was a particularly funny multiple choice answer (not the real one) which was just some crazy philosophical words Mr. Micah had put together. Surprisingly, some people chose it.

My tip for today–just because it sounds right doesn’t mean it is. 😉

Fourth: Writing

Last night I wrote an article to submit to Associated Content. I had Mr. Micah proof it and I’ve asked a fellow-blogger to take a look at it to double-check its advice. If it’s published for money, then I’ll write and post an abbreviated version here with a link. If not, I may post the whole thing.

Now I’m going to go quilt, read, write and try to further enjoy this Saturday. *sighs* The episode tired me out. I don’t like angry people yelling at us.


Anonymous September 22, 2007 at 10:30 pm

Good, I had a terrorist hit my car and try to beat me up. You both did the right thing. Relax and take a deep breath. Do’nt stoop to thier level. Take it easy and remember some people are just plain nasty. This is everywhere. It would be a good idea to get a video camera to film him. He could be sued or lose his job for that. That is just not right. Don’t cry, this is normal behavior coming from sociopaths. It is not you. The US is in an economic ressesion now. People are on the edge. Teddy bears are great to relax, I agree. Don’t do anything rash. Just relax. Math is a complex subject for many. I hope the movies were fun. It is best to stay sane, do not fight and ect.. It is not worth going to jail where they kill people. I will pray for you both. Please pray for me too. I have had to deal with many terrorists for the past 5 years. We cannot let them destroy our happiness. I will check your blogs daily. We cannot be too sensitive. We have to use our integrity to realize everyone will not act as we do. We have to keep the faith and realize how lucky we are. Mr.Micah loves you. You have a good life. I am your friend. Many people are in the war or starving to death. We have to realize things could be much worse. Have a great weekend. your friend, Annette We can share more frugal tips during the week. That is fun.

Anonymous September 22, 2007 at 10:37 pm

Oh there is a good song that is inspirational called “You’re only human(second wind). By Billy Joel Don’t give up. Every day is a challenge. We just have to do our best. Don’t give in to the evil ones. You have a lot of life to live and enjoy. Annette YOu should view that video on You tube. if you wish. It is good.

Amanda September 22, 2007 at 11:02 pm

Mrs. M.,

I hate it when scary men yell at me, too. Did you read my entry “I rotted an apple today”?

I think your experience was more scary, because this guy wasn’t coming at me, just yelling.

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