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Mrs. Micah and the Details of Doom…

Back in August, I posted that the phone at my work was making me feel very much like a baby. I got a handle on it, and on Friday my boss said that I was doing very well with it. She emphasized that I have to pay more attention to detail.

Well, today she said that again, after she found that I’d accidentally filed something wrong. She was more concerned that I’d sent something wrong to the tenants. I said I’d checked over that more carefully than what was here. But it makes me nervous. Twice in 3 work days.

Also, she keeps pointing out little things on the service agreements I’m making that she wants changed. Most of the time it’s a variation or a subtle thing she’d like done differently. Sometimes I was just ignorant of the protocal. Once or twice it was detail stuff.

So I’m feeling a bit teary and frustrated (she’s at lunch, so I’m comfortable writing this). I’ve done a lot of good work today, implemented everything she wants done on the service agreements, called about some late charges and done my best to get them removed (i.e. explained to the person who put in a request for me). Also tracked them down and everything. Handled about twenty zillion phone calls.

She said it nicely enough, which is good. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe it’s because I’m not passionate about my job. Maybe it’s because I’ve only been here a month. But still, I should know not to make simple “you didn’t fill this part out” mistakes.

Mr. Micah and I are going to bed early tonight. I could use the rest. And some snuggling beforehand. Maybe some chips and salsa as comfort food.


Hilda September 11, 2007 at 7:38 pm

I’m sorry to hear you’re frustrated at work. Try not to be hard on yourself though. Afterall, you’ve only been there a month and as you as you said, you did a lot of good work today. And you can always do better tomorrow!

Mrs. Micah September 11, 2007 at 8:11 pm

Thanks, Hilda. 🙂

Anonymous September 11, 2007 at 9:14 pm

Oh Mrs. Micah…I understand about frustrations. I had trouble with the detail work at all of my previous jobs. I’m too creative to care about filing systems, methinks. Or possibly too lazy. You’ll get the hang of it. It’s only been a month after all.

I need so very badly to talk to you one of these days. Life has been happening so much faster than I ever thought it would and by the time I get an e-mail halfway typed to you or Micah then something else comes along and changes everything. Blah.

Graduate school is kicking my proverbial hind quarters. I don’t know if I’m doing well or failing. Both are possible. I have read more in the last 1.5 weeks than I read in the two years I was out of college.

Sorry I just rambled on your blog so long about things you didn’t post about. Daddy and Seth are over for dinner, so I’ve got to run. Happy early birthday!

Mrs. Nathan

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