First, a quick note on writing. I sent out a query letter for an article I’d written. My first one! So we’ll see where it goes from here.

In other news, Bobbie asked me to sit down with her earlier. We discussed my work situation briefly. She asked how I liked the job and the office. Then she gave me performance feedback–namely that I was doing a very good job overall. Especially answering the phone. The one thing I needed to improve on is my attention to detail. She thinks I’m ready to work on some bigger projects by myself. I think that’ll be good, since part of what wears me out at work is not having something to do, but always being alert and ready to deal with tenants or new assignments.

I’ve been particularly thinking about the attention to detail part and came up with two aspects to it, based on what she said. First, I know that when making Payment Requests I need to get more specific in my description sections. So not just “Plant contract” but “interior plant maintenance.” The difficulty is that I only have 30 characters. Anyway, I’m going to work on that.

The other thing, which I think was related, is that I’m nervous about making sure I do things right. So I check in with her on more details than I need to. She said that since I was doing things well, I shouldn’t worry. And then followed it up by saying that I’d be working on some bigger projects without as much supervision.

So on the whole that’s good, yes?

I felt like she was also saying “I’m meeting with my boss this afternoon. I’m not wasting my time by suggesting we get the hiring paperwork rolling, right?” Maybe she wasn’t, but everything about the conversation seemed to have to do with me moving on to a new level, a new situation, new opportunities.

It turns out I’m not doing the sushi thing tonight because Mr. Micah’s school has an event we’re going to. But I’ll do it on Monday–and as I ask her for reommendations I’ll also bring up the subject of hiring and how long I’ve been here.

One final question: Do I like it here? Well, if I thought I’d be here for the rest of my life, I’d run away screaming. But a year? Yes. I like my coworkers. I like the fact that I can learn here. I’d say that everything I do is easy, but the truth is that some things are different and difficult or confusing at first. What matters is that I’m learning to do them and they’re becoming easier.

I’m also not feeling great because our alarm didn’t go off this morning. Fortunately, Mr. Micah’s body realized this and woke us up 15 minutes late. So I still made it to work on time, but I felt confused.

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