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Mrs. Micah and the glorious weekend of obsessive quilting

I probably shouldn’t do this too often, but I let myself get completely caught up in quilting this weekend. I made two mini-quilts for the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative. One is an appliqué red flower on a cream background (2 leaves, embroidered stem). I think of it as a sort of Christmas Rose, though I see that the actual flower of the Christmas rose (hellebore) is apparently a bad poison. Hmm. Came up with that myself. The other is a “Friendship Star” (apparently) which I did using a dark orange-on-orange patterned fabric for the star and a bright leaves (red/yellow/orange/green) on black for the background. Don’t know which site/book first taught me that one.

I’ll try to post pics, but since I don’t have a camera that could take a while. I calculated that if they auction these bitty pieces for $15-55 normally, then I have raised, in potentia, $30 to $110 for Alzheimer’s research. How cool is that for a couple days of quilting fun? And I have so much more fabric and so many more ideas.

Also, my other attempt to raise money for charity, the American Dream Quilt, has had 10 more lookers in the last 2 days, but no takers. 90% will go to charity. I’m leaning right now towards using it for a llama (or a share of a llama) through World Vision. They’ll give it to a person in one of their projects–obviously, in the right part of the world–someone who can use it. Any extra I’ll probably use towards their clean water project. Also very important.

Besides making the little ones, I’ve gotten some good work done on the quilt for Mr. Micah and me. It’s a queen, so it’s quite large. And the middle section was extremely detailed! It’s an All Hallows, similar to the one in the link, but actually with a few more pieces. I don’t like doing the detailed work required to “paper-piece” (if you don’t know what this is, just be happy!) so I redesigned it a bit. Similar colors, too, a dark orange and an orange-red. We’re going with a fall theme in our bedroom, rich brown wood for the bedframe, burgundy for the curtains, red-orange for the bed. It looks splendid! We also have deep red sheets.

Back to work tomorrow. I didn’t miss it much, but I do like the paycheck. Plus, if I obsessively quilt for a few more days, my fingers might freeze up. As it is, I’m considering bringing a few pieces to play with on the commute/lunch break tomorrow. We’ll see.

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