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Mrs. Micah and the pre-labor day of creativity.

Unlike the rest of my office, I worked 8 hours today. We got a pre-labor day half-day, but I answer the phones and such (though nobody called) so I had to stay there. I was able to make peace with imperfection and find a way to be creative about it.

I did some online research about ways to help people through quilting. Besides places that donate normal quilts (I like to have a few places, one to send baby stuff, one to send bigger ones, etc), I found the Alzheimer’s Art Initiative. They take little quilts (just 9×12 inches) and auction them off to raise money for Alzheimer’s research.

My grandfather died with senile dementia and it was horrible for him and for us. We watched an intelligent, educated, kind man turn into a temperamental child with no hygiene and no memory. It wasn’t his fault. The disease ravaged his brain.

I don’t want that to happen to anyone else I love. So now, by doing something else I love I can do something which may protect someone I love.

They post the amazing little quilts on line, so when mine get sent in, I’ll post links here!

So the day wasn’t lost. I then drew out a few patterns for different lil’ quilts. One is a traditional flower (so I made petals and leaves for applique) and then I made one based on a picture of a lotus. Hopefully it’ll turn out well.

If you don’t have as much cash flow for charity, consider selling any crafts you like to make. Look for creative sources of income.

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