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Mrs. Micah’s incredibly productive morning!

Despite going into an emotional dip on Sunday night, I restabilized and was able to get through work on Monday and church Monday night. That took almost all my energy, so I was kinda slow and sleepy this morning. But by the time I’d been at work for half-an-hour, I felt revitalized. Probably the best I’ve felt since starting this job!

I think it’s because I’m finally learning enough that I get more done. Before, I was able to use the greater free time for things like writing and reading (online), but it didn’t feel as satisfying. I’m at work and so what makes me feel best is…well, work.

Mr. Micah’s quite supportive of this. He reminds me that every time I learn to do something new, that’s a step closer to having a dream job. For me, a dream job is probably something simple like working in the office of a place that makes the world better. Or working at a lil’ quilting store. *sighs*

In order to celebrate, I’m using some downtime to write this post. I also like posting. It makes me feel a bit less alone, more connected.

I’ll end with a list of things I accomplished this morning. Edited to protect…anybody.

  • 2 termination of contract letters for vendors. (changed a set letter to fit each one’s details). Their services had become redundant, since we’d expanded a third vendor’s contract
  • Learned to do certified mail!
  • Called one vendor abt contract termination (as a heads up) and asked them to remove their things from our building now (nicely) since wedidn’t need them anymore. They said that was cool. Well, they wanted to re-bid, but I tried to be a cross between firm and uninformed so I wouldn’t have to deal with it (like I don’t know the price we’re paying to the other ppl).
  • Called school about donating all the school supplies we collected. Couldn’t get the person I wanted, though, so I’ll call back.
  • Called Cafe downstairs about a major cleaning thing they needed to schedule. And found out it’ll be Saturday, which is great!
  • Called our office supplies person to let him know we’d be returning the radios we just got because they didn’t work well enough (in our sub sub basement). He wasn’t in, so I left a message asking him to call me.I ‘ll call late this afternoon or tomorrow if he doesn’t get back tome.
  • Worked with a tenant to help them schedule a delivery tomorrow and hold the freight elevators. Also helped the person there get a COI from the delivery company. Tried to be especially helpful. Fortunately, it’s not until tomorrow afternoon. And I told her that if she sends in the request this morning, it shouldn’t be a problem because it gives them more time to get back to us.
  • Called two places to check on our purchase orders with them and when they’d sign and fax them back to us.
  • Most importantly, I’m getting a lot better at both answering the phone and making phone calls. That used to make me nervous.

And this is all before noon! I may walk to the post office this afternoon to get some stuff.

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