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Heels, Taus, and so much Fabric!

I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday (or didn’t take one) and tonight I’ll be busy. I now appreciate weekends. It’s so nice not to get up quite as early and to then spend a few days (mostly) with Mr. Micah. I miss him when I’m at work all day. We spent time reading, watching tv, or with me quilting while he was writing. He had another article published today, prolific boy!

As I mentioned, the Franciscans were spiritually renewing. It’s hard to move somewhere, because you lose all your bearings and you have to rebuild your habits. Same with starting a job. While at the monastery, I bought a Tau cross which I wear under my shirt. It reminds me that I’m discerning with them, it reminds me to pray and to remember God. I also have the Little Flowers of Saint Francis on my PDA and was able to read that for part of the commute today. They’re beautiful
little stories.

On matters financial, I replaced a pair of shoes yesterday. Thanks to my receipt-filing, I found the receipt right away. Fortunately, I’d also kept the box. These were the shoes I’d gotten a week before Thursday. The heel broke off on the first day I wore them. The new ones cost a little bit more (but with the exchange it wasn’t too bad) and they don’t have heels, just a sole that thickens at one end. Much
more comfortable and from a better-known company.

I’m thinking about e-mailing the store and commending the young man for how smoothly the exchange went. He opened the box, saw the shoe with the broken heel, and said that I could certainly exchange them. So I found the new ones and he put the transaction through. None of the hassle that I think of with exchanges.

I spent more than I wanted to at Joann Fabrics, getting some materials for our bed quilt and curtain notions (snaps to hold them together in the morning). Once I start getting my 40% off coupons, that will save some money. Also, I don’t tend to make queen-sized quilts, this is an exception. And it’ll give me a lot of leftover fabric for my side-projects, since the way I have to cut the fabric will leave a lot of extra. I still haven’t purchased batting or backing for it either. But I’ll bite that bullet when I come to it. Probably not until September.

I’m almost done my current quilt, so I’m going to borrow a digital camera for some pics and set up a shop to sell it on

I checked out a book called Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes. It was recommended by Get Rich Slowly. It’s about behavioral economics, and recognizing which of our mental processes work against our financial well-being. So far it’s a good read and I’m learning or remembering useful info. Also doing some mental self-examination.


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