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wrapping up for the evening…patchwork jeans and talismans

Mr. Micah and I watched an episode of Bones and did exercises. It felt really good after being at work all day. I think I spend about 20 minutes (1/2 episode) stretching. Just some simple moves based off yoga. Whenever I remember to do them, they make me feel so good! Things flow better, muscles relax.

At work today, I took two opportunities to stretch. Both times it snapped me out of feeling as tired and emotionally weary. I think it’ll be even easier to stretch in the mini-office, since it’s just me and Bobbie most of the time. But there’s a hallway down to Bobbie’s boss’s office, into which I can disappear for short periods of time to stretch, I think. Plus, just walking up and down the hallway a couple times would do me good.

While watching TV, I took some time to express myself in one of my creative LOVES (as mentioned in Limits of Creativity) I did some more work on my patchwork jeans project. I’ll try to post a picture once they’re done. I didn’t get very far, since I only had about 20 minutes with distractions while I finished the episode. But it felt good.

The episode actually made me ask a question—what kind of talisman could I take to work to remind myself to be spiritually aware? What would make a subtle desktop altar as described in Work With Meaning, Work With Joy? Sullivan emphasizes that the item doesn’t have to be religious. In most contexts it’s better if it isn’t. I shall think about this.

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