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Limits of Creativity…

I found an interesting post by Debra Roby on, which I think I’m going to borrow.
What are the limits of my creativity? What area does it cover? I’m going to use the categories — Love it, Like it, Dabbled but Didn’t Stick, and Would Like to Try. This is just for crafts, of course. So many other possibilities. I’ll explain below why I think this is a very useful exercise.

Love it: Quilting (especially by hand), general sewing (clothes, pillowcases, bags, etc.), writing, baking, cooking.

Like it: Photography, crocheting, painting, drawing, gardening.

Dabbled but Didn’t Stick: Knitting, tatting, cross-stitch.

Would Like to Try: Embroidery, making slipcovers, fabric dyeing/painting/batiking.

In the “like it” category, I’d rather like to take classes in all but crocheting and gardening. I don’t crochet much because I prefer quilting and it’s easier to have fewer handcrafts around. With gardening, I just need an opportunity, which I don’t have here. I think the classes would be a fun way to stretch these interests.

Why is this useful? I think it’s a key to happiness to identify what I, myself, love best. Because I often think I should do this or that or the other thing. Or “I wish I were better at x.” But there are things I love to do and am good at. I can enjoy them and improve my skills and will probably be happier than if I try to guilt myself into abandoning them for something I deem more worthy.

As Gretchen on the Happiness Project says “Be Gretchen.” Be me. Myself. And I love quilting above all else right now. Maybe that will change but until it does I can celebrate it!

Finding happiness doesn’t have to be static…there are many more craft ideas for me to explore. And I can get better at the ones I like and love, so that I am not “limited” or “static.”

I know this wasn’t about finance, but I can fudge things and say that spending my craft money on things which I love best is spending it wisely and such wise purchases are more practical than ones for crafts I’ll never explore.

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